Astonishing Trends, Doomed from the start?

Thank you visiting the site and lets hope the start is slow but not Doomed.

The focus here at Astonishing Trends is not to be your Wednesday “What do I buy checklist” or your “check out this exclusive cover from vendor XYZ that is going to be released tomorrow”. Our goal at AT is to provide accurate information on the Trends within the Comic Collecting Community. What books are selling, what books have died down in price, was my purchase of Action Comics 1002 on April 16th, at 10:00AM a solid invest. Spoilers, it was not.

You will see market reports to show what some books may be selling for, via Ebay, GPA, other auction houses, etc.. We will, however, not suggest books on information that we feel is not accurate.

Content will include new covers, new creative teams, and information from your favorite publishers, artists and writers.

Please feel free to comment with any content that you would like to see as well.


AT Team

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