Day of Release: Naomi, More Money

The Naomi trend continues. The newest Brian Michael Bendis creation continues to be a hit from both the speculator group and the monthly readers.

Prior to its release on 4/17/19 Issue 4 were regularly selling for double cover on EBay.

Even as of 6:00 PM PST the book is continuing to see a steady sales rate at double cover plus shipping or equivalent with free shipping.

Depending on how the story progresses, I would not venture to bet that issue 5 or later will be a good speculation bet unless rumors of a First Appearance present themselves. While Naomi has a lower print run compared to the main DC titles, both brick and mortar as well as online retailers will most likely increase orders to meet the growing demand.

Please check back to see how things progress on this book, day after release, One week later, and 1 month later. This will help evaluate the trend and possible right times to purchase this book.


Price source: Ebay